I love you Kingston and Kharlyn. Mami see you soon. I promise!



Funny when everybody thinks just because I go MIA the whole weekend, its because I’ve been dranking (watermelon) hahaha, jeepers! Lil do they know, I purposely switched my phone off & ignored the world to enjoy me myself and I in my man cave LOL, so I think I’ll get smashed this weekend… yeah nah, no beersies for me mate HAHA!


Insomnia - can you PLEASE swallow a sleeping pill already! I need to get some sleep yo PMO!

Cant sleep - mind is on overdrive, thinking way to much.

Today was a good day, aheeem and yeah the end? LMAO.

Missing my two munchkins. Hope the big man upstairs fullfilled their day with love & joy x

The end? lol!

Sounding like a damn diary entry hahahaha.

Night Tumblr!


Looking forward to spending the weekend in with my babies. Mami misses yall!


Cyclone Lusi

So cyclone Lusi is meant to be hitting NZ tomorrow morning, hmm lets pray the forecast is buildups lol.

Stay safe everybody here in Aotearoa!




Wow that was awks..

Yay new episode of Step Dave tonight! this should be good haha, cougar night!